SysInfoTools Open Office Base File Repair

SysInfoTools Open Office Base File Repair 1.0

Repairs damaged or corrupted Base ODB files for the OpenOffice suite of tools
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Base Recovery Tool is a software application created by SysInfoTools whose usefulness is to repair damaged or corrupted ODB files. Files with the .odb extension are normally associated with OpenOffice databases, and these can get damaged for a number of reasons. Base Recovery Tool is an application to repair those errors and recover the information contained on the files.

When you run this application, it immediately offers you to choose one or more .odb files to open. It allows you to add several source files, and all of them are listed on a grid panel. You count on shortcut buttons to add more .odb files, delete one or more of the previously added ones, and to start analyzing and repairing all the selected files. Besides that, you are allowed to choose the location where the repaired files will be saved, or you can also save specific files on a separate location. A handy shortcut will let you open the destination folder quickly. The program also includes a tool to extract the media information that could be present on the original .odb files.

Its well designed interface also offers a lateral panel that shows you a preview of the selected file, plus an additional panel where all the details of the repairing process are listed.

As it can be easily deduced, the program presents a nice and pleasant interface, where you have access to all the functionality available on a single window. However, the trial version of the program does not allow you to save the recovered files, and it will open its home website every time you close the application and will encourage you to buy it. In my opinion, its price is a bit high for the functionality provided.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Nice interface
  • Easy to use
  • Allows for file preview
  • Shows all the details about the repairing process


  • Trial version does not allow you to save the recovered files
  • Expensive
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